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Friday, June 6, 2008

I was attacked and robbed by three young Black Males

this morning while on my way to work, I was attacked by three young Black Males between the ages of 16years and 18 years, they grabbed me around the neck and ripped my handbag from me, I screamed for help but no one heard me, and I ran the 2 km to my bosses home, where I reported to him, he called the police and the dog squad, and 45 minutes later my belongings were found near the Shongweni railway station. My cell phone, my glasses and my flash drive were missing, It was a shocking experience to me, and at the moment I am extreemly annoyed and shaking, I really feel that these young men should be shot and killed. Sorry but that is the way I am feeling right now, I will never forgive them.

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