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Friday, September 5, 2008

Things have not been to good lately

This is the farm house that we have been evicted from as from the end of September.

So sorry for not posting, but we have been told to evict the farm house that we have been in for the last five years, just because our little dog Luke chased our neighbours chicken so the landlord has told us to get out. I am very upset about this, and although they think I have put Luke down, as they wanted it done, I have found him another home far away from any chickens, My son and I are really batting to find another home in a decent price range, as home owners these days are only out to get as much money as they can, and I cant afford a high price, I will be disconected from the internet at the end of September, untill I am able to find a place to live in, if not then I will loose my job, and have to move to Cape Town to my sister, and that means I will have to find homes for all my dogs and cats, and the pigs, the parrots went today, and the geese and ducks go tomorrow, It is just so heart breaking to say good bye to them, but my land lord is adament, he does not want us here anymore, he thinks he can get more money from someone else for the shack that we live in, and it really is a shack, I will be happy to get out, but where to I dont know.

PLease say a prayer for us that we are able to get a house near by so that I can keep my job, I really need your prayers right now.

thank you all


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